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We have lots of different burners, for oil and rock incense, all designed to make your home smelling fresh everyday. All you have to do is choose the one that fits your likings best, for prices are already set to fit them.

The oil burner is a heating devise that’s heats fragrances making the area around it fill with that particular aroma placed atop it. Candles are placed under it to heat it, but recently electric oil burners got released, that requires not a candle but a light bulb to heat the fragrance.

Mini Oil Burners

Our mini Oil burners are the little oil burners that clear the room have almost the same effect of the larger more fancier ones. 

Because of the very small, yet common shape these burners create, mini-oil burners are a common use for lighting the area around your bathtub, while you are taking a bath.


Electric oil Burners

Tired of candles? Let us introduce the newest generation of oil burners, the electric oil burner! Using this burner, you don't need a candle, just put some oil in it, plug it in, (the oil is heated with a light bulb) and your house smells great in minutes!


Rock Incense Burners

We also carry a variety of Rock Incense Burners, letting you have a nice way of showcasing the scent of rock incense in your home.

   Rock incense burner, rock incense and charcoal.