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Taj Incense

Our incense is the best of its kind because:

1) It is hand made by us, therefore making it our very own product.

2) We use our top fragrances, using high quality sticks.

3) It is made freshly, and lasts long with the smell you'll never forget.


We have many different kinds of incense: rock incense, cone incense, long incense, regular, and imported. They all come in different fragrances, for you to choose.

Regular incense

The regular Incense we have are made in our very own storage house. They each carry 100 sticks, for just $3.00! The ready made incense we already have include:

 Cone incense

Cone Incense are simply conical shaped masses of hardened incense. Like stick incense, incense cones come in numerous varieties based on the diverse combination of ingredients.  Incense cones emit a somewhat different smell than the stick variety because there is no stick burning.

Information from incenseboutique.com

picture from wisdomproducts.com

                                       Rock incense

The rock incense is also Taj-made. Rock incense is used like burning oil. You put a little in a rock incense in a rock incense burner, along with some flamed charcoal, and your home will be smelling like incense in style. The ready-made rock incense we have are